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The Forcelink™ system consists of a web-based management console application which serves as a Service Desk and a mobile application which can run on a wide variety of standard mobile phones and tablets. The solution comprises comprehensive asset data collection and management functionality, including sophisticated data collection templates, and makes use of the handheld’s GPS, camera, bar-code scanning and navigation functionality to ensure that users can accurately get to the site, capture information correctly with minimal free-text entry, and use photos and GPS tracks as proof of time and place.

The system provides integration services to integrate to back-office business applications such as accounting systems, HR, Work Management, Plant Maintenance, Customer Information systems, GIS, etc.

Forcelink Field Service Management Software for Desktop
Forcelink Field Service Management Software for Mobile

With minimum upfront capital expenditure, the system can be deployed in a few weeks, depending on integration complexity and scope. Our clients do not have to worry about managing support and maintenance contracts, and their related additional costs, costs for hardware and other 3rd party software, such as relational databases, GIS or mapping software, etc. Furthermore, being a web-based solution in a cloud model means that the system is available all of the time, and can be accessed from anywhere, using any web connecting device. This includes cell phones and tablets.