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Manage your customers, assets and workforce using our mobile-enabled field service management software.

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Forcelink field service management software is an end-to-end solution that connects your back-office with field resources. Allowing you to manage your field service technicians and field assets from anywhere in the world. Whether you need to schedule maintenance, dispatch a technician, extract reports or create work orders, you can do it all and more with Forcelink.

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Forcelink's Field Service Management Software Includes the Following Features



Give your back-office staff the insights that they need to make your business run like a well-oiled machine with our field service scheduling software. Forcelink’s scheduling module provides your back-office staff with the ability to micro schedule field resources using a simple drag and drop Gantt chart.

Features include:

  • Gantt chart display of scheduled work by Day, Week and Month

  • Filters for work types, location, clients, assets and resources

  • Drag and drop resources on the work on the Gantt chart

  • Drag and drop of work on the Gantt chart

  • Save schedules and automatically dispatch work to the mobile with our simple to use field service scheduling software



Looking for field service dispatch software? Look no further Forcelink’s dispatch feature allows your back office to easily allocate work to field service technicians. Monitor and prioritise work orders for the most efficient management of your field resources.

Key functions include:

  • Geo-spatial dispatching of events to the mobile field service technicians by dragging and dropping resources on the map

  • Work list dispatching – using our field service dispatch software to allocate work orders from a worklist

  • Work matrix monitoring – monitoring the status of the different dispatched field service work orders

  • Allocate/de-allocate work to field service technicians

  • Effortlessly dispatch to multiple field service technicians with different skillsets



Avoid those nasty SLA penalties with the Forcelink field service work order software. Manage field service work at the click of a button, empowering your back-office staff in a manner that is simple and agile.

Features include:

  • Work requests/customer calls management

  • Work order management

  • Field service billing software and quotation management

  • Linking quotations and work requests/customer calls to work orders and invoices

  • Managing work, work requests/customer calls field service billings and quotations on a map

  • Work notifications and escalation management

  • Field service work order software that assists with service level agreement (SLA) management



Does your business have a lot of technicians in the field? Forcelink allows them to manage all of their work from a mobile device. Log in to Forcelink mobile field service work order software using a smartphone or a tablet and improve your efficiency in the field by up to 27%.

Key functions include:​

  • Provide feedback on work orders, quotations and work requests from their mobiles

  • Add materials consumed per work order

  • Add assets and capture asset rotables [AS1] from the mobile

  • Conduct field inspections/audits

  • Capture information related to customer engagements

  • Chat with dispatch at the work order level

  • Capture photographs, GPS coordinates and root causes from the mobile

  • Provide milestone feedback such as ETC, ETC, arrive on-site



Create a master field service management software account and sub-accounts in order to manage your sub-contractors more proficiently. This ensures alignment of data between the client (master account) and the sub-contractors (sub-accounts) whilst maintaining data independence between the schemas.

Features include:

  • Automatic outsourcing/dispatching of work from the master (client) account to the correct sub (sub-contractor) account.

  • Monitoring of SLAs between the master account and each sub-account

  • Asset register collaboration, between the master account and the different sub-accounts to ensure an aligned asset register.



Forcelink’s field service maintenance software is a complete back-office and mobile Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), also known as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution. 

Features include:

  • Standard plan maintenance templates – including the resources and materials required

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Standard maintenance inspections

  • Periodic maintenance triggers

  • Event-based maintenance triggers

  • Condition-based maintenance triggers

  • Asset type planned maintenance strategies



We know that field service reporting software is important for your business so we have created a robust reporting module allowing you to create a number of different reports. Monitor your projects’ performance in real-time allowing you to identify ways in which your field services management can be optimised.

Key functionality includes:​

  • The ability to create ad hoc reports

  • Standard reports for various different industries

  • The ability to create different dashboards with KPIs, gauges, tables and charts

  • Report scheduling and automation

  • Automatic reports dissemination with our robust field service reporting software



Every business has unique requirements, the Forcelink business process flow management feature allows you (the systems administrator) to define your unique business processes flow. Define and create unique step-by-step processes for your back-office staff and your field service staff.

Features include:

  • Configuration of any process from the back office to the mobile within the field service optimisation software

  • Multiple business processes can be configured with different workflows for different work types

  • Set up of business rules linked to specific steps to be followed or data to be captured to ensure compliance

  • Delegation of Authority for sign-offs linked to specific roles, users or financial thresholds



Drive increased customer satisfaction and loyalty using the Forcelink CRM software. Manage all customer engagements using a number of key features that have been meticulously thought out. Guaranteed to improve the relationship with your customer, the Forcelink CRM includes:

  • Customer register with full customer information

  • Capturing of customer engagements/interactions from the mobile or on the back office

  • Call taking – capturing of calls from the customer

  • Management of service level agreements with the customer

  • Customer invoice management embedded in our field service optimisation software

  • Mobile and web customer portal for customers to log issues directly on the system and track their progress

  • Customer notification management

  • Bulk communication with customers (eg informing customers of road closure)



Tracking dispersed assets to ensure that they are being well maintained and managed is a crucial part of operations. The Forcelink Asset management module is a simple and easy way to ensure that you get the best lifetime value out of these capital investments.

Features include:

  • Create asset registers with parent/child associations in an asset tree

  • Asset tracking and asset rotables management

  • Asset lifecycle management

  • Asset financials and warranty management.



Are your resources dispersed? Or perhaps they are frequently on the move? The Forcelink field service resource management software is a robust workforce management solution with a complete back-office and mobile field service management framework.

Key functionality includes:

  • Full resource register

  • Time and attendance management from the back office and the mobile

  • GPS resource tracking and displaying on a map

  • Resource skills management

  • Crew management

  • Shift management

  • Resource calendars and automatic integration to Google Calendar on the mobile



Save up to 30% on operating costs. Manage your field service materials with cloud technology, allowing your back-office and your field service technicians to see real-time stock levels and movement.

Features include:

  • Full stores management, including the management of boot stores

  • Stock and bin levels management

  • Purchase requisitions, including a customer PR portal

  • Purchase orders management



Save up to 60% a month on admin costs by using Forcelink’s field service administration software. Customise the Forcelink reporting system to your business’s specific needs, allowing you to see the metrics and KPIs that are most important to you.

This includes:

  • The ability to configure the appearance of the field service management software to each client’s specific needs (e.g. corporate branding)

  • The capability to add reference data which will then be available across the system

  • The facility to configure different business rules allowing the field service optimisation software to behave differently per application (e.g. please provide an example where this may be necessary)

  • Creating global settings, including regionalisation of language


Forcelink’s field service maintenance software highly configurable. Speak to one of our experienced business managers about your unique requirements.

Including the likes of:

  • Integrating with accounting software

  • Integrations with ERP, SCADA, IoT solutions and more 

  • Configuring Forcelink to receive and share data via Bluetooth 

  • Customising Forcelink to your industry

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