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Empowering Your People This Human Rights Month


March is Human Rights Month in South Africa, with Human Rights Day falling on the 21st of March 2021. It is this very special day that reminds us of our freedom and the rights that we are entitled to as a people. After decades of struggle and suffering, South Africa was liberated on the 27th of April 1994 with the election of President Nelson Mandela. He then proceeded to declare the 21st of March a public holiday in celebration of South African liberation.

As a proudly South African field service management company, Forcelink is taking a closer look at some of the basic human rights that the nation’s people acquired on this memorable day some 27 years ago.

Here are some of the rights you may be more familiar with:

  • Life – Everyone has the right to life.

  • Equality – As a South African citizen you are entitled to be seen as an equal before the law and as such has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law.

  • Human dignity – Each South African has inherent dignity and as such, this dignity should be respected and protected

  • Freedom of movement and resistance – All South Africans have the freedom of movement and can choose to reside anywhere within the country.

  • Language & culture – South Africans may choose to use the language of his/her choice and similarly so for their cultural life choice.

These are some of the most common human rights that South Africans are entitled to, but what about those related to services? Here are some that you may not be too familiar with:

  • Access to adequate housing – The state is obligated to take reasonable legislative and other measures towards the provision of housing.

  • Health care – All South Africans have the right to health care services, including reproductive health care services and no one may be refused emergency medical treatment.

  • Water and sanitation – As a South African citizen you have the right to gain access to a clean water supply and sanitation services

  • Roads – The right of access to safe roads, the state is required to take the necessary steps to ensure that roads are well-maintained and kept safe.

  • Social security – This entails the state taking reasonable legislative measures to provide everyone with social security. Including the support of individuals that are unable to support themselves and their dependents, as well as granting children access to basic social services.

When it comes to the provision of these basic human right services, Forcelink has had several successful use cases across numerous industries to assist with successful implementation and maintenance. Here are some examples where our field service management features can assist in driving efficiencies and proficiency within your organisation:

  • Allocate, manage and track work directly to and from field staff or technicians via their mobile devices

  • Map staff routes, waterlines, powerlines, roads and more using your field technicians’ mobile devices.

  • Managing dispersed site assets and the maintenance and repair thereof.

  • The creation and management of shift rosters and COVID-19 self-assessments

  • Tracking and managing multiple sites, site details and compliance agreements.

  • Integration with IoT solutions for the accurate detection of asset faults and issues

  • Dispatching of effective resources based on skillsets, location and materials on hand

  • Defined process flow optimisation and management

  • Onsite asset inspection and job scoping, allowing field staff to provide real-time feedback to back-office staff using photographic evidence, detailed descriptions and GPS coordinates

Forcelink is a highly configurable and flexible tool that allows for integration into various organisational systems. We endeavour to assist service providers to drive proficiencies within their organisations for the improved performance of field resources, assets, customer relations and more. Speak to a business development manager today and find out how our software could assist your business and impact your bottom line.