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Enterprise Ireland showcases Forcelink technology during trade mission

Minister for International Trade Joe Costello (centre) and Sanral (South Africa National Roads Authority) CEO Nazir Alli with Paul Ryan from Forcelink (right).


Enterprise Ireland led a trade mission of 35 Irish companies to South Africa last week to develop imports and exports between the two countries, valued at just over €1.2 billion last year.

One such company is Forcelink, an Irish and South African software company that has won some notable customers in South Africa and is poised for growth elsewhere. The Forcelink technology uses mobile phones for workforce and asset management, and one of their customers is Sanral, the National Roads Authority in South Africa, where the system is used to maintain cameras, electronic signage and other intelligent traffic monitoring equipment on the motorways.

Speaking after a showcase event at Sanral, Paul Ryan from Forcelink said “Sanral had a requirement for a mobile solution with automated workflows, control centre front-end mapping displaying work orders, assets, and the capability to send photos and other data from mobile devices to the control centre from the field. In effect, we manage the “eyes and ears” for Sanral, helping to maintain the smooth flow of traffic on the motorways, which are hugely busy, critical infrastructure.”

Forcelink customers in Ireland include Digiweb, the telecomms operator, and they intend to target utilities and telecommunications operators internationally. “Our customers can scale up and down as required, without dedicated hardware or support or fixed licence charges, thereby aligning their costs with usage. Enterprises want to have best in class functionality without high licence or deployment costs, and that is where we come in.”