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Eskom (through EON Consulting)


Johannesburg, South Africa

Project Title

Implementation of the Forcelink Mobile Work Management to manage the implementation and maintenance of load limiters.

Project Description (Scope)

Eon Consulting has developed an energy management solution in partnership with Eskom and Utillabs. This solution involves a device located at the Low Voltage Service Point residential properties. Phase one of the rollout requires the implementation of 27,000 units and a future rollout of up to 3,000,000 units.

In order to implement this solution, a workforce management tool was required that would be cost effective, flexible and scalable. The tool needed to provided asset management, GIS locations, and the management of installed and stored assets.

Forcelink was selected as the time to readiness was extremely short, with no initial capital expenses. The solution is cost effective with effective support for mobile phones using either a java client or WAP. The tool can be used with no installation any of the companies host machines allowing for rapid deployment to the management workforce.

Project Dates

Oct 2009 to Jan 2010

Contact Person

Name: Steve Apps (Eon) Mobile: +27(0)76 812 9523 Email: steve.apps@eon.co.za