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Failte Ireland Forcelink


  1. National tourism quality assurance scheme

  2. Users include the Tourist Board, contractors, property owners and third party service providers






  1. Improve Audit Management

  2. Reduce Operating Costs

  3. Improve Productivity


  1. Enable mobile assessors with real-time mobile audit capability

  2. Carry out highly reliable inspections within tight timeframes

  3. Implement online self-service portals


  1. Automated Processes

  2. Improved Customer Data

  3. Off-the-shelf Low Cost Solution

  4. Positive Return on Investment

  5. Custom Reporting and Data Analysis


A prime contractor, SouthWestern http://southwestern.ie/index.htm was appointed in July 2013 to operate and deliver the 3 year contract to manage Fáilte Ireland’s National Quality Assurance Framework. The National Quality Assurance Framework provides consumers with a guaranteed level of service in accommodation establishments that meet nationally recognised standards. The new system will be used to manage the assessment and classification of tourist accommodation, with in excess of 8,000 properties across multiple sectors being assessed and graded on a recurring basis.

SouthWestern is a market leader in the provision of front and back office services in the areas of CRM, Finance & HR, Public Sector and Financial Services to clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe, employing 650 people at flagship delivery centres in Ireland and Poland.

Scope includes:

  1. Conducting recurring audits of all properties;

  2. Provide an online self-service portal for registration, renewal, supply of mandatory materials, and execution of payments;

  3. Manage CRM across multiple channels;

  4. Plan, schedule, coordinate and be responsible for the efficient, effective, economical and satisfactory operations of the system;

  5. Reporting to multiple stake-holders, including agencies with statutory responsibilities for the legal operation of the industry.


Workforce/Resource Management: Improved efficiency of field resources, 20%+ productivity improvement on jobs completed

Scan equipment: Asset capture, time and location, for full maintenance history

Meet Regulatory Standards: Reporting to Government standards for regulatory reporting requirements

Rapid Implementation: Lower Costs, quicker installation – SaaS subscriber model meant no capital costs

Integrates with legacy and future systems:  Protection of past and future IT investments, export of data from Forcelink via standard formats

Scalability of Solution:  Allow SouthWestern to expand usage as required, no practical limit on field resource numbers

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