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Forcelink announces cross platform mobile software, leveraging HTML5, to enable multiple mobile plat

On Monday 10th February 2014 Forcelink Solutions Limited announced the release of its new HTML5 version of the Forcelink mobile work and asset management software solution. The HTML5 version of the software enables users to run Forcelink on Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad etc., as well as on devices on the Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms.

Commenting on the new release, Peter Hellberg, the Forcelink Director responsible for product development, noted “Deploying Forcelink on HTML5 to become platform independent has been on our roadmap for some time, and for this reason we have been monitoring the progress of HTML5 and the take-up of this environment in the global market for several years. With a recent requirement from one of our key clients to run Forcelink on the iPhone, we prioritised the development of the HTML5 version of the product which we are releasing today. What makes our HTML5 mobile application significant is the fact that it is 100% off-line capable, allowing users to access all functionality on the mobile application even when not in network coverage.”

The first usage of Forcelink on Apple hardware will be in Johannesburg, for an electricity meter reading project, and we expect to add further customers on iPhone devices as required.