• terencerei

Forcelink Goes Live at the Botswana Tourism Organisation for their electronic star grading system

Acumen Software, the developer of the Forcelink mobile work and asset management solution, is pleased to announce that it has rolled out Forcelink as the electronic grading system for the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO).

This is a centralised enterprise level system that allows controlled access for different role players, within the BTO, to perform relevant tasks in the grading process. Facilities are also given access to the system’s Self-Service Portal to submit applications for grading, submit queries, and also update their facility’s information.

The system automates all grading process workflows from initiation, through Quality Service Committee review, to the awarding of star rating as well as communication letters and reports to facilities. Facility Assessments are enabled on standard mobile devices. Assessors and facilities can be geo-located for display and navigation on geographic maps.

The Acumen Software and BTO project team delivered the project in a record 6 months on time and within budget.