• terencerei

Forcelink Solutions launches a Windows Mobile 6.1 version of the JAVA Mobile Work Management System

With the launch of Forcelink version 1.6.6, Forcelink Solutions introduces the first version of the JAVA Mobile Work Management System for Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1. This version of Forcelink will provide Windows Mobile users with all of the rich functionality that the Symbian OS users have enjoyed for over two years, such as GPS tracking, taking and linking photographs to work orders and inspections, and barcode scanning with specific devices such as the Motorola MC75, and others.

Forcelink uses the IBM J9 (also known as WEME) JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to execute on the Windows Mobile platform. This JVM is robust, well supported and cost effective, and provides good performance and a very user-friendly GUI. In particular, the J9 GUI provides an excellent combination of touch screen and key-driven navigation. Support for the Windows API’s and specialized hardware is added to the JVM, so the actual Forcelink executable is exactly the same as the one that runs on Symbian, simplifying version control and testing.

Although the need for the Windows Mobile version of Forcelink came about as a result of specific client requirements to run Forcelink on the Motorola MC75, this version will also run on any mobile phone using the Windows OS, such as HTC and Samsung.

Forcelink is a mobile workforce management system that allows any organisation to issue work electronically to their field staff and receive updates from the field via a standard WAP enabled mobile phone. Forcelink links quotations and invoices to work orders to improve revenue collection and perform accurate costing.

Forcelink was designed for both small and larger organisations , which wish to replace paperwork between the back office and the field workforce with an electronic workflow process, and will deliver savings and productivity improvements to both alike.

Forcelink is SaaS (Software as a Service) – a fully hosted solution, making it extremely simple to implement and get started – all that is required is an internet connection, web browser, and mobile phones for the field staff. The product is very user configurable, allowing a wide variety of businesses to customise the application to their specific needs.

Forcelink is ideally suited for organisations that do any form of field work over large geographical areas. Typical industries include: Utilities, Telecoms, Public Works, Facilities Management, Roadside Assistance, Glass Fitting, Couriers, Plant Hire, Contractors, Plumbing and Maintenance Management companies – to mention just a few.

The Motorola MC70 Mobile Computer is a rugged handheld mobile device that incorporates a mobile phone, PDA, computer and scanner in a single unit designed for everyday usage.