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Gijima Namibia

  1. Part of the Gijima AST Group, one of southern Africa’s largest IT and technology companies, JSE listed.

  2. Customers include local authorities, government, commercial and consumer.


IT field service/financial services




  1. Improve Maintenance Management

  2. Reduce Operating Costs

  3. Improve Productivity


  1. Enable mobile engineers with real-time mobile operations management

  2. Carry out highly reliable maintenance within tight timeframes

  3. Implement system within short time scale

  4. Integrate with existing systems


  1. Automated Processes

  2. Improved Customer and Asset Data

  3. Off-the-shelf Low Cost Solution

  4. Implemented On Time and within Budget

  5. Positive and Short Term Return on Investment

As one of the leading IT companies in southern Africa, in terms of physical infrastructure and geographical footprint, Gijima has the capability and capacity to provide services to large organisations as well as small and medium sized entities. With more than 70 offices and service centres throughout southern Africa, it is well positioned to add value to all its clients.

Gijima has a large, loyal and supportive client base, long-term institutional shareholding, an enviable service track record and the best empowerment credentials in the industry. Almost 90% of the top 100 JSE-listed companies, including nine of South Africa’s leading corporations are serviced by Gijima, while the Group also enjoys long-term relationships with the majority of its clients. The Group employs more than 2,500 professional staff.

Gijima Namibia required a mobile work and asset management solution to manage equipment installation, maintenance and decommission, with a particular focus on banking and ATM’s. The solution had to be capable of scheduling and viewing work graphically, provide a complete audit trail of activity, and be deployed in the field on inexpensive devices. It also had to have future capability to track asset life cycles using bar code scanning. Additionally, it had to prove a Return on Investment within less than one year. It also had to be implemented in two months to full user acceptance testing and go-live. The scope requirement has been met successfully with predefined processes using the Forcelink solution.


Workforce/Resource Management: Improved efficiency of field resources, 20%+ productivity improvement on jobs completed

Asset information on mobile: Asset data on mobile, for full maintenance history

Call Centre users: Call centre personnel use for customer interactions

Rapid Implementation: Lower Costs, quicker installation – SaaS subscriber model meant no capital costs

Integrates with legacy and future systems: Protection of past and future IT investments, export of data from Forcelink via standard formats

Scalability of Solution: Allow Gijima to expand usage as required, no practical limit on field resource numbers[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vcex_image_flexslider direction_nav_hover=”false” control_nav=”false” control_thumbs=”false” img_size=”full” caption=”true” caption_type=”title” caption_position=”bottomLeft” caption_width=”450px” thumbnail_link=”lightbox” lightbox_skin=”smooth” lightbox_title=”title” image_ids=”674,675,676,677,678,679,680,681,682″][/vc_column][/vc_row]