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Welcome to Forcelink Customer Support. Our team of specialists are here to assist you with any difficulty that you may be experiencing in an easy, fast and friendly manner. Log a support ticket, contact the support team, request access or download self-help content. Whichever medium you are most comfortable with, we are here to assist every step of the way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to make any capital investment in order to use Forcelink?

No. Forcelink™ is a fully hosted solution which eliminates the need for you to have to purchase and host your servers and databases. The system may require a desktop/laptop for back-office users, and a mobile phone for field users.

What are the minimum system requirements needed for my back office to use Forcelink?

You will require an entry-level personal computer with Microsoft Windows, an internet browser as well as an internet connection.

Can you interface Forcelink to other back-office applications?

Forcelink is designed to easily interface to other back-office applications, such as Accounting, Materials Management, Planned Maintenance systems, ERP solutions, device monitoring systems (such as IoT, etc). Contact your local Forcelink™ partner or Forcelink™ Solutions for more information.

Can you create functionality on Forcelink that is specific to my business?

Much of Forcelink’s behaviour can be modified with the rules and functionality, whereby users can enable/disable each rule or change its parameters. We try not to modify Forcelink™ to adapt to the operational requirements of any one industrial sector or business, but attempt to keep it as flexible as possible. If you have thoughts or suggestions that would help make your operations more efficient, and if this can be generalised to assist other Forcelink™ subscribers you can submit your request using our “Future New Features” page. We will review your request and place it on our website for other users to rate.

Does Forcelink allowing for localisation?

Forcelink is designed for localisation, allowing it to be translated to local languages as required.


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